Using Aloe Vera Gel Overnight

Using Aloe Vera Gel Overnight

Aloe vera is a plant famed for both its medicinal and skin care properties. The gel-liquid found within aloe vera plant stems has countless moisturising, soothing and healing benefits for your skin. So much so, aloe vera gel has become a staple part of people’s evening skincare routine all over the world. In this latest blog post, we cover the benefits of aloe vera gel for your skin as well as how to use aloe vera gel on your face overnight for a glowing and moisturised face by morning. 

What are the benefits of aloe vera gel for your skin?

Commonly regarded as a herbal at-home remedy for a number of skin ailments, aloe vera gel has a wealth of uses. Take a look below at just a few of the benefits of using aloe vera gel on your skin regularly:

  • Deeply moisturises dry skin
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Helps to fight the signs of ageing
  • Can reduce acne flare-ups
  • Heals sunburn and other minor burns
  • Can help with eczema and psoriasis

There are also plenty of ways you can source this wonder ingredient. This includes direct from an aloe vera plant, or from one of the many bottled varieties you might find at your local health store. 


How to use aloe vera gel on your face overnight

If you’re looking to reap the many benefits of adding aloe vera gel to your nightly skincare routine, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Find below some ways you can use aloe vera gel in your PM skincare regime.

1. Use fresh aloe gel on your face

If you have an aloe plant around your house, you can harvest a few leaves to access the gel. Cut off one of the aloe leaves and make sure to trim away any sharp thorns. You can then squeeze the aloe gel from the leaf or scrape it out with a knife. Extract the gel from 2 leaves for enough to use on your whole face. Apply across your skin and take down along your neck and chest area as well.

 2. Make your own overnight aloe mask

Another great way to add some aloe vera gel into your nightly skincare routine is by making a homemade mask. Source some aloe gel, either from a plant or store-bought, and combine it with ingredients that can help target any skin concerns you have. For example, if you have acne-prone skin, add in some tea tree oil. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water, or leave on as an overnight mask.

 3. Use aloe vera skincare products 

With aloe vera being such a popular ingredient to address countless skin complaints, you won’t have to look far to find it as the star ingredient in countless skincare products. Search for either cleansers, moisturisers or serums that contain aloe vera gel in them to feel the nightly benefits of this plant extract. 

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